The science and research behind Evolv

John Hunter, VP and General Manager of Evolv’s research and development partner FutureCeuticals, Inc. explains in detail Evolv’s impact on oxygenation, why oxygen uptake is so important to health, and the remarkable research platform being built to scientifically prove Evolv benefits via peer-reviewed, independent studies. From the Evolv 2010 Summit, April 2010.


What’s so special about Evolv Water?

The essence of Evolv’s effectiveness resides in the proprietary Archaea Active™ formula that is designed to help the body increase oxygen utilization at the cellular level. This proprietary formula was developed, refined and perfected over the course of more than 15 years by three scientists from Houston. Evolv has been tested by two of the top research facilities in the country, and was recently approved by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) for professional athletes. This benefits-rich bioremediation formula was fused with the crisp, superior flavor of premium spring water and other all-natural extracts, proteins and enzymes

What is Evolv

Evolv is the first all-natural enhanced liquid supplement of its kind. It may look and taste like water, but it is so much more. It’s a proprietary scientific formula that helps your body increase oxygen at the cellular level and promotes a healthy inflammatory response. This formula has been mixed with premium spring water that naturally enhances cell performance and increases stamina, energy and endurance.

The power of Evolv oxygen enhancing water

Evolv enhanced water beverage, made of all natural ingredients, has the ability to enhance oxygen use by the body, which in turn, can also encourage a healthy flammatory response. Oxygen is a vital element for all living things. It was no accident that Evolv chose water to to mix both oxygenation and hydration to yield a healthy inflammatory response. Other benefits may include increased energy levels, better absorption of vitamins and nutrients, increased stamina, boosts in immune systems, and better concentration.