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Because of Evolv’s unique properties involving oxygen utilization, promoting a healthy inflammatory response and its positive effects on athletic performance, we have had many inquiries from professional, amateur and collegiate athletes seeking assurance that the product is safe to use and free of banned substances.


“We are proud to announce that the product has been professionally tested by a leading WADA-approved lab and found Evolv’s Nutraceutical Beverage to be safe and legal for use in any professional sporting event.”

HFL Sport Science, the lab behind Informed-Choice, was engaged to test the Archaea Active™ formula in Evolv for prohibited substances. HFL offers the only supplement testing program that uses a WADA-experienced lab and ISO 17025 accredited analytical methods to analyze for banned substances.


The science and research behind Evolv

John Hunter, VP and General Manager of Evolv’s research and development partner FutureCeuticals, Inc. explains in detail Evolv’s impact on oxygenation, why oxygen uptake is so important to health, and the remarkable research platform being built to scientifically prove Evolv benefits via peer-reviewed, independent studies. From the Evolv 2010 Summit, April 2010.

What’s so special about Evolv Water?

The essence of Evolv’s effectiveness resides in the proprietary Archaea Active™ formula that is designed to help the body increase oxygen utilization at the cellular level. This proprietary formula was developed, refined and perfected over the course of more than 15 years by three scientists from Houston. Evolv has been tested by two of the top research facilities in the country, and was recently approved by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) for professional athletes. This benefits-rich bioremediation formula was fused with the crisp, superior flavor of premium spring water and other all-natural extracts, proteins and enzymes

What is the Archaea ActiveTM found in evolv water?

Archaea ActiveTM is an essential formula in the Evolv Beverage that utilizes all natural ingredients to bring many health benefits.The Archaea ActiveTM ingredients includes enzymes from pineapple and papaya, extracts from alfalfa stems and leaves, and protein from milk whey. The formulation has been under testing and development for over 15 years. Discovered only 32 years ago, Archaea refers to the group of microscopic, single-celled microorganisms that are the simplest form of life. There are only about 200 experts worldwide who study Archaea. These cells have adapted to survive the most harsh environments and are currently giving researchers many insights, including  the repair strategies of DNA and avoiding cell mutations. More than 15 years of scientific research and development have been invested in the proprietary, all natural AArchaea ActiveTM formula. Evolv’s enhanced water beverage combines this colorless and flavorless formula with natural spring water.

Archaea ActiveTM disclaimer: “Archaea ActiveTM and Cellular O2 on Demand are trademarks of Health2o Products, LLC”